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Séminaire CREM

How to Improve and Assess Student's Mathematical Power.

Attention : conférence en Anglais!Although at varying levels, Mathematical Power (MP) can be observed at any individual having any level of education. However, it is desired that the improvement levels should not fall below certain standards. To achieve this, the first thing to do is to “re-orient the traditional math education system” and “re-design math learning environment” so that better individual MP improvement levels are obtained. Secondly, it should be determined which learning approaches, techniques and evaluation tools will best serve our purpose. In addition, the roles and tasks of teachers, students, education managers, etc. should be clarified and re-arranged. The purpose of this research is to explain “what MP is together with all of its essential dimensions, elements and criteria”; to find out “how to evaluate and assess MP”; and to determine the conditions for MP development. Eventually, we wish to contribute to mathematics education by researching on MP definition and development.